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Corporate Litigation

We represent clients in a wide range of substantive complex disputes regarding corporate matters. Our attorneys analyze the risk, costs and benefits of litigation and tailor our strategy to achieve the best resolution for your business.

Our corporate litigation practice focuses on:

● Conflicts arising between investors or shareholders in companies, partnerships and other business structures

● Actions to compel companies’ annual General Assembly Meetings of shareholders

● Disputes on General Assembly Meeting resolutions or Board decisions and cancellation thereof

● Challenging the results of elections of company Directors/Managers and other shareholder votes

● Disagreements among shareholders, Board members, directors and company managers

● Conflicts arising out of minority shareholder rights

● Actions to appoint custodians to resolve director or shareholder deadlock

● Enforcement of shareholder rights to inspect corporate books and records

● Contests for corporate control

● Corporate compliance issues

● Foreclosure proceedings, bankruptcy and insolvency

Though we aggressively litigate with a focus on obtaining the best outcome for our clients as a result of a trial, our attorneys have also been successful in negotiating many favorable settlements through alternate dispute resolution methods, mediation and private settlement negotiation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A cost efficient and successful resolution for our clients is the firm’s goal, so that your business canresume normal operations as quickly and  efficientlyapossible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Whether you are seeking to expand your company or need to prosecute ordefend a lawsuit, World Elite Legal has the experience, dedication and skill to solveall your corporate legal problems.

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