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World Elite Travel

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At River Oaks Travel, our concierge services are designed to make every traveler feel like a VIP. However, with our exclusive annual membership service we elevate your experience to a new level. Our invitation-only program is designed for avid travelers looking for personalized service of the highest degree – a personal concierge backed by a dedicated team, 24/7 assistance to handle every detail, and access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Our River Oaks Travel team draws on the crème de la crème of our extensive network of contacts and partners worldwide to bring the best available experiences to our members – above and beyond our already exceptional level of service. Think exclusive entrance to museums, last minute tickets to sold-out events and concerts, and access to the best accommodations the world has to offer, from well-known icons to unlisted villas.

If you’re looking to maximize your travel experience, we’re here to make it happen! Our advisors will assist with everything from perfecting already planned trips to mapping out your travel plans for the future. So whether you’re looking for the best dining reservations for your next trip to Paris, last minute tickets to the Superbowl, or even a 10 year plan for your future travels– your advisor is here to make it happen.

Ask your River Oaks Travel Concierge for more details on our travel membership program

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