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World Elite Business has a commercial presence and has offices in Turkey - United Arab Emirates - Kuwait - Saudi Arabia & Gulf States.
We are committed to being leaders in managing the best international businesses.


In Our Office Dallas we do: provide services for all importing goods to the USA , from building materials , Power tools, furniture’s, chemicals industrial and personal use.


In Our Office Tulsa Oklahoma we do: Provides import and warehousing for a shipment in the United States, we had expanded or good to include KN 95 mask as approved by FDA for coronavirus


In Our Office Istanbul we do: Exporting commodity all goods To the Gulf states, Real State assist client off buying and luxury accommodation or fronting renting luxurious home, providing Rent-A-Car and limousine service, providing legal assistant our attorneys expert knowledge of the legal system for all you need from immigration to investing the contract.Travel agency for VIP travel accommodation,


In Our Office Dubai we do: provide services for any exporting goods, we have on our self a legal assistant for any contract, also for staff of accounting,


Trading Commodities

As a company we focus on investing in physical substances such as oil, gold or agricultural products. Oil and gold are two of the most frequently traded products, there are also markets for cotton, wheat, corn, sugar, coffee, livestock, pork bellies, wood, silver and other metals.

Real State

Confidently Evaluate the Return Potential of Any Real Estate Investment Opportunity Intenationally.

International Business

Working across countries is a necessity for most firms today. We hence, there is a growing need for business, for this reason our company is capable of operating effectively in a globalised world.

Legal Assistant

With multiple offices, our firm is responsible for operating with the laws and regulations of each country. It is important for all international businesses to have World Elite Business and grow in a safe and sustainable way.

Luxury Accommodation

Another line of business promoted by our firm are luxury properties, in this area we deal with VIP clients who always have high requirements, we give them the best service, trust and support.

Travel Agency

We prepare business trips and international investments we program the itineraries and all the adjustments to have a successful trip in new markets. Always having the right specialist, it will bring you back as results nothing else than success.

Firm Structure

Your Money Grows Choosing Right Investments!

We focus on providing all our clients with the international structure, human professionals, timely management & within the legal aspect of international business. Our goal is to apply strategies to develop successful businesses globally.

Business Planning

Business planning generally has three key aspects, 1 focused on making profits, 2 focused on facing risks & 3 managing business on time frames protected, in World Elite Business we are experts.

Market Analysis 2020

Nowadays the market behaves very dynamic at the same time it is necessary to make decisions based on know-how, for this reason it is highly important to have a partner like World Elite Business LLC.


One of our main goals is to make a profit on investments & having years of experience really does make a big difference. Generate your queries and you will see our professional advice on international investments.

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    Phone number (Dallas): + 1 972-276-9600
    Phone number (Tulsa): + 1 918-209-5400


    Our Latest News

    We provide Direct Sale of KN95 Masks in Quantities from 10,000 units or more.


    Based on the global contingency we provide KN95 Masks with CE & FDA Certification.

    We have our factory to deliver quality standards / FDA & CE Certifications.

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